The center for everything that matters in your tournament.

What is the Ultimate Tournament Center?

Simply put, its the only thing you'll ever need for organising a tournament.

Tournaments pop up all the time with different formats, different ways of doing things. Each time they learn what went wrong or have new features. Why can't that learning be shared? Why reinvent the wheel every time?

Ultimate Tournament Center ( UTC ) aims to be the place where you can benefit from years of learning. A central place with all the resources and tools you need to run a tournament smoothly and successfully.

Online Schedules

With UTC the schedule and all information about your tournament is available online all the time. Updates are reflected directly and teams can be sent a link to a schedule which is personalised to them.

Instant Updates

Who scored, results, stats, schedules - its all updated the moment it happens and so even if you aren't at the tournament, you can feel like you are.

Team and Player History

Stats are no longer 'one offs'. Follow players and teams in any tournament they enter to build up a playing history.

Mobile Application

Who's got the schedule? With UTC everyone has. Every tournament that uses UTC can be viewed from a specifically designed mobile application.


Why reinvent the wheel with every tournament to get your tournament online? Using UTC takes away the pain of getting the right information to your teams and players. The online interface provides lots of functionality to make the process of organising a tournament stress free.

Reuse Schedules
Choose from existing similar schedules each time you create a tournament to reduce the need for any last minute changes. Start with a template and change only the bits you need for a simlpe and easy way of creating a schedule.

Any number of teams, pitches, divisions or games can be configured using a simple online wizard.

Let UTC handle the registration process - keeping track of capacity and email teams relevant information such as schedules when its available.


Everyone wants to see the schedule and results but nobody has the captains pack. Well, with UTC every tournament can now put the schedule in the palms of any player thanks to a specifically designed mobile app.

Small Screen Friendly
Browse the schedule on an app designed with small screens in mind. Easily navigate between pitches and teams without having any fiddly zooming and scrolling.

Save the things that matter
Want to follow a team, schedule or game? All can be added to a list of 'favourites' to ensure that the data you care about is never too far away.

Get access to your schedule, for you team in an instant. Right from your mobile, and updated with your next game the second its updated online.

As with the online schedule, all updates to schedules and games are delivered to your phone almost instantly.